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Singing the Right Tune

The groundbreaking and poignant theatrical musical, A Chorus Line is a joyful celebration of the trials and jubilations experienced when you put everything on the line to chase your dreams. A show like this production requires a complement of performers who can sing, dance and act – not an easy feat, but not for Louisa Mitchell a Health Promotion Officer at Link Health and Community, she played the part of Kristine to perfection.

Held at The National Theatre Melbourne for 9 performances only, Louisa who is a featured dancer and an award-winning choreographer, trained for over 3 months alongside 28 people for the dancing and acting role of Kristine. Louisa has a depth of experience and accolades with performances in Spamalot, Cabaret, and a choreographer for 7 productions including a Lyrebird nomination and award.

“To be involved in this acclaimed production which first begun in 1975 is a truly humbly and amazing experience” says Louisa Mitchell.
“This production continues to resonate with
so many people and I’m grateful for the
opportunity to work alongside some of the
best performers I’ve ever worked with”.

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